The story of the oppression of daughter Bajaur Maimoni and the brutality of Sher Alam

It is a heartbreaking story that, after a long time, still haunts the Pakhtuns and especially the people of Bajaur. Many decades have passed since Maimoni left the country, but the grief is still fresh. Navagai witnessed many bloody revolutions – how many Khawanis’ empire was overthrown – all sorts of riots took place in Bajaur and especially in the territory of Navagai but in the end all the people have been reduced to dust – Maimoni’s story Numerous poets have written according to their own nature and countless stories have been sung by singers and composers to immortalize them – from childhood we have heard this story through Red U and watched it by others. We used to get sad and upset – our narrators used to take out drains from the deepest depths of the heart and liver – and these drains came out of the sad heart and were not only sung to be disturbed in the air, but we listened to them. They used to get busy and shout at themselves. If there is only grief, then what should the mourner do? Tears are strewn from the eyes and the sound is heard. Ego was a natural thing —– —————————————- ———-
Probably 1974 or 1975 was the year when the story of Sher Alam Maimoni, written by the famous poet, Singer Jamal, came to hand. He could not help but be impressed after reading it. It was a mystery, stories of human emotions and everlasting love, expressions of invisible creatures and supernatural powers, human determination, bravery and exciting achievements of Tahor – most of the stories unfolded when researched in adulthood. , The fortress of lies and imagination has been opened – after reading hundreds of research books and articles, the door of truth has opened – in these stories, the stories of Bakht Munir of Tia and Maimoni Sher Alam have taken place in Bajaur. Were and both are true stories ——————————————
The tragic story of Maimonides and Sher Alam was first created by the famous poet, Singer Jamal. By the way, orally and in the form of metaphors, language was very common from the very beginning. Singer Jamal had visited Navoi before 1970 and many more. He had obtained valuable information about it from old and respected people – one of them was Haji Muhammad Gulab who was the grandfather of the principal, Mr. Gul Haider – there were a large number of male weightlifters at that time. Alam and Maimoni were overjoyed, and were in Naogaon at the time of the bloody incident – in 1990 I had the opportunity to read Ghaznavi’s book, “The Romantic Stories of the Border” – he was mentioned in the book but that India was the speaker. Did not make any effort – then I started the effort on my own and had the privilege of meeting many of the older people of Navoi – although they had not seen them themselves, but valuable information from their ancestors in this regard. I got it and I was trustworthy of it —————————————– ———————
Sher Alam was his cousin – Sher Alam’s father’s name was Syed Mohammad while Memo Nai’s father’s name was Khair Mohammad – Nasla “These people belonged to Dinar Khel and Malan was famous for its fairs towards religious knowledge. Were – and their ancestors had been living in Doda since ancient times – later some families of this tribe moved to Naugai – Dinar Khel is actually a sub-branch of Yusufzai tribe – this tribe does not exist in Tar Khani In Bajaur, many sub-branches of Yusufzai tribe such as Babi Khel, Mandori, Khawaja Khel, Bajji etc. are being settled. After moving from Doda to Makani, these people live in an area called Arabi Khel Pad Makhi near Na Wagi Bazaar. It seems that at one time the people of Ghilji tribe were also living here. Khair Muhammad had a gondi. Gondri was installed in various places at that time to extract oil. And thus he was known as Khaire Ga Dhariwal. Sher Alam His first marriage was arranged with Ajiba, the daughter of Mesmat Arojan, a widow from Navagi. Probably, she had no children, and he later married Maimoni. Was brought by ————————————
Sher Alam was not a well-known villager – he was also involved in agriculture along with small business activities – he was a tall and somewhat dark-skinned man with a slender mustache on your masculinity and toughness. There were lentils – he wore a thick, smoky turban on his head in a diagonal manner – he had a small shop (atti) near his house – in this shop there were items available from that time – hashish People addicted to cigarettes could be counted on their fingers, but the custom of smoking tobacco was common and inhaled through the pipe in turn – in addition to smoking cigars was also customary – the guest was humiliated by the pipe. The tobacco itself was crushed and very bitter. Cigarettes did not exist in Bajaur. At the time of the incident, Sher Alam was over 35 years old, while Maimoni was only a 20- or 22-year-old girl. ———————————-
Rumors of Maimoni’s beauty spread from the narrow and besieged gorge of Navagai to all parts of Bajaur and Mohmand. She was a slender body, charming Goddess, with semi-blue eyes and a very delicate body. Her eyes were half-tempted and her red lips were on fire – although she was not dressed in glittering silk and glittering clothes, but because of her simple dress and her height and personality, she was making a splash in her eyes. There were a lot of buyers but luck had put you in the shoes of the lion of the world. Relationships used to come and go, and many young Rana were hoping for hope, but despair and hopelessness were their destiny in the end. The beauty of Bajaur’s princesses and Nawabs was seen filling the water in front of the beauty of ————-
Your smile was like a saffron rain falling on the people under his lips – his soft and charming style of speech, his cheerful temperament and his calm manner made the people of Navagi his captives – maybe he was standing on the heights of his abiding love. What he wanted to do, but in the marriage of the lion of the world, and now only he had and will have to be – in the heart of the lion of the world, there was always a wave of love for him Let it come – Maimonides had a sense of her delicacy and flower-like delicate body. I would pierce your delicate body for a long time in pursuit of God – she would sometimes start thinking in her emptiness, maybe the breeze of love has stopped, oh my God, what are these thorns rising in my heart – this is in my chest What kind of warmth is rising – what melody of love is ringing in the dead heart – was this my abode – girls my age, henna on my hands Rachael, wearing a silver knot on the dupatta, walks past me with a big chow, dressed in new novelty, so their faces light up with joy – and most of the girls never hesitate to tease me by saying, “My husband’s.” So Missy isn’t old yet, she’s so young. “- They should be really happy and these girls are really lucky.”

  • Maimonides was a sensitive and delicate woman – she did not want violence, she did not want love – she would often get bored and inwardly start saying to herself: I was convinced that I would get married to a distant family – do I have to spend the rest of my life in this confined gorge – marriages of girls less than me were held with great fanfare – and I am one of … … – “Memo is new, don’t ask” – so was Sher Alam the only option to buy my existence – I was nothing more than a commodity and a market sex – I believe that Sher Alam loved me Yes, but this is not surprising. Alas, alas, my happiness has been bled. How all the rites of my marriage would have been arranged with such fanfare. And when Dolly came and it was my turn to say goodbye to the tune of Sarna Ngara. Then innumerable songs would be playing inside me and my soul would touch the sky – and when I met that young Rana in solitude, it would be as if two souls, not two bodies, dissolved in each other and became one soul. Jati – entered my cousin’s house two steps away in plain wedding dress and took out my wishes – the chicks of the same house and then tying them up for life – now my life What is left of the purpose – to live for others and to die for others – the long journey of life is left and there is nothing to hope for ‘- – the ship is sitting on the living ship // the passengers are dust is sitting helpless – you Combining love and beauty, he created a song – this song danced to the tingling of his soul, the spray of his thoughts, and the cool fountains of his aspirations, and took him somewhere far away – in his imagination. Maimuna was taken to his earthly paradise – ‘Now I am comfortable for his wife and she is comfortable for me – was I created to be fed in hatred’ ———– —————
    Almost three or four years had passed since she was married to Sher Alam – a little star of happiness shone in your life when your flower-like daughter, Apricot Baby was born – she was two or three years old that it was sad The incident took place. Apricot Baby had grown up and was married to a man named Elder Pacha. Elder Pacha was a very pious, virtuous and rain-loving elder. Apricot Baby passed away in 2003 at the age of 85, 86 years. Gul Haider Sahib was a very veiled woman and in spite of her longing she could not dare to ask him anything – one of your sons Arjumand, Mr. Shahjahan Sahib is living in Navoi, but he did not give any information in this regard. Aside from that, dear friends, I don’t want to wait any longer for you and the tragic story is about to begin.
    Story: This is an incident of 1920 and happened in the time of Safdar Khan’s son Ahmad Jan Khan. Once Sher Alam had left home for some work. The day passed and the evening fog began to cover. The night was slowly getting wet after the crash – the slopes of Nawagai were slowly disappearing from sight with a thick blanket of darkness – the cattle in the corner of the house were closing in on Alana – the goats were barking and the cows were barking. It was closed and now it was raining تھا it was summer and July رم it was like a gym, and black clouds were swaying like chains of elephants on the expanses of the sky اور and the villagers were in the courtyards. Lying on the couches under the sky, long strands were preparing to sleep – the cheeks of the clouds were hovering around on the cheeks of the novice – the cheeks of cotton were flying in the air and the memories of these unseen seasons were etched on the paper mind. Memories of many years in a row were recurring in Maimoni’s mind and were disappearing as fast as Serbians and then fading away. You have childhood memories and happiness. Surrounded by pleasant and unpleasant events that had taken place in his short journey of life this season – some people fell asleep late in the evening – the fat tongue of the village and the gourds also fell silent – all day long. The body had lost the ability to wake up more with hard work.
    —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – She feels insecure and weak without ‘What will we do if something happens to her, God willing’ – one person’s accident causes the whole family to fall into a deep pit of destruction and then it is possible to get out of it. If not – she kept staring at the door – Sher Alam Shaz rarely stayed out of the house for the night – he was the sole breadwinner of the family – besides he was extremely skeptical. Sometimes a stray dog ​​would bark and break the night’s talisman of silence – in those days the rivers of Kamangara and Doda flowed loudly and together at the confluence of the Nawagai would form a larger noisy river – as well as springs. The water of the river used to flow into it – a fast and full spring of water flowed down along with the vast mansion of Shaukat Khan – Khawanin Nawagi used a small container and surrounded it inside the mansion. Due to a tan Azza also stood up and one of the Khawanis was killed by the brave Qazi Nawagai.
  • Herds of wolves were marching from Alingar’s Kand Ao to Nawagi in the hope that a stray sheep or rooster might find them for dinner. The lamp was about to run out of oil. The roar had begun – and the chances of Sher Alam’s arrival were slim, so the lamp was extinguished; the door was closed, and now she was preparing to lie down, exhausted from household chores – the atmosphere was now somewhat clearer, and The golden lanterns of nature were flickering in the sky above him – suddenly there was a knock on the door – he thought that maybe the lion of the world had arrived – he raised the flood and stood awake with a slight snoring They started clinging to the door. The woman is very smart. This knock was different, so she knocked in the courtyard. A voice came from outside, “Sher-e-Alama-Sher-e-Alam-e-Kaka”. But from outside, there was a squeak and the sound became louder and louder in the silent night. ‘Sher Alam Kaka, O Sher Alam Kaka’ – the voice was familiar, but how could a veiled housewife give an answer in Dejur that night? Is-the end Car Maimoni replied from the inside, “He is not in the house.” The man outside said in a mixed voice of regret and supplication, “She is Sheikh Syed Jan’s nephew. He is a guest in Dera. There was no tobacco for him – I brought my uncle to bring tobacco from Sher Alam – how can I go empty handed – if a leaf of tobacco is half, put it in this door “- Sheikh Syed Jan probably” Sheikh of Mohmand area Baba had moved there a long time ago – at that time the whole village had a common hujra – and a mosque was located adjacent to the hujra – he must have thought, ‘It is unconventional that a neighboring threshold I stand there, the tobacco leaves are in the house and he is reluctant to give them. If the boy’s mother loses his eyesight, he will be blindfolded and his heart will be opening in his heart to come from afar. The guest did not come to mind ‘- it was impossible for Maimonides to break anyone’s heart – it was not the custom of the people of that time to make excuses and lie – it was not known that his soothing strange Bibi Why is this work the responsibility of the monkey? Hoda – maybe she wasn’t an authoritative wife – maybe she was annoyed by the wrath of the lion world – maybe she was a coward – anyway the tobacco leaves were passed by Maimoni – maybe an exchange of words between the boy and Maimoni It must have happened – in those days the custom of seventy and veil was not as common as it is today – women and young girls used to go side by side in the fields and orchards to raise their hands – in groups of women from distant mountain forests. It was a daily routine to bring wood for fuel.
    Unfortunately, the incident of the night was not mentioned to Sher Alam. He may not have considered it appropriate. Several weeks passed. Life went on as usual. Sher Alam was a hardworking man who farmed and ran a shop. He was also involved in mercenary affairs – from ancient times the distribution of water for irrigating the fields and the time and place of disputes – disputes ranging from abusive gossip and bitter rhetoric to bloody warfare. Arrived – people would run from all directions at the sound of noise and with great difficulty to separate – weak opponents were often slapped on all fours and severely beaten. One day a quarrel broke out between Sher Alam and another farmer during irrigated lands. The matter ended in a scuffle. As Sher Alam was furious and angry, he hit his opponent badly. However, physical defeat is not as effective as defeat. That was a blow to character and honor – probably that man was also a Tarbor from Dinar Khel – when he saw that Sher Alam was not going to stop doing more scandals and insults, and despite coming among the people, Glue space is not possible, so he gave a sarcasm. ———————————————
    Although the taunt had nothing to do with reality, its effects were long lasting – it was a taunt (prophecy) that led to a great accident – the effects of the taunt were profound and dangerous. It is a fact that even a coward becomes a lion because of Peghor. Peghor has suppressed the enmity of twelve hundred years. The market for slaughtering and re-heating has warmed up again. “The man is hoping for me – he doesn’t know what his wife is doing. Don’t worry – first take care of her – then take care of me “—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– And Tarbur had given it. According to the people, Sher Alam left immediately. The palace of honor of Sher Alam had collapsed. It was a village where there was no way to find a cure. But the first stage of its existence is the existence of tad ber and cures The end must have been ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————-
    The sun was at the meridian – it was a scorching and scorching afternoon – the lion was walking towards his house – he had got a sharp dagger from somewhere – it was not common at that time to be armed with a dagger. The thing was – a separate long pocket was set aside for the niyam in the shalwar – a mountain of grief and a sense of disgrace was placed on his head as he was growing – most people wrapped up work and lay down under the shade of shady trees near their homes. The people who were working in the fields of Nawagai were still busy in their work. For Sher-e-Alam, it was as if all the things on earth were gone and they were just useless. Many passers-by and acquaintances stayed for a while. Trying to shake hands – ‘What has happened to Sher Alam? It wasn’t like that before’ – His human emotions were suddenly gone – The whole atmosphere was full of doubts and suspicions – Someone told him The intentions of the people were not known and there was no obstacle. When a person is struggling with sorrow, the whole environment eats the same color and sound. And this was a spiritual sorrow which is a thousand times more painful than physical sorrow. Yes – he knew everyone was suffering and disgraced – the most precious thing in his life was about to end – but he also found the most dangerous and inhumane way to end it.


After a distance of ten years, I saw a strong tree and its dense shade, so I thought I would take a little cheaper.  When she passed, it was as if she had been wrapped in a shadow.  I just sat there for a while and more people started coming.  Seeing me, they gave the impression that they have been here for a long time and that it is their right to be here.  I left immediately and got up.  It was my daily routine.  She would come and see this tree and smile.  Sometimes she would step slowly while passing through its shadow.  It always seemed like the most relaxing moment was sitting in that shadow.  The tree was there, the shade was the same, but what can I do, I have been in the habit of leaving space for people. But those people were not on the shade, maybe on the fruit.  I saw them picking fruit and understood.  It so happened that she was on a long journey again for some time and during the distance without shade in the scorching sun, she kept remembering the tree and its coolness.  There was a connection to it.  When she came back tired, she wanted to see this tree first.  It was evening, it was raining, there was no special heat, but as I got closer, it felt like it was waiting for me too.  I stood by the tree and cried like a child crying after being lost in a crowd.  Raindrops dripped from its leaves and fell on my eyelids.  I knew we were both sad.  Now, often in the evening, when the shadows are falling, I sit under the shade of the same tree.  The heat is rising, no one is coming …  I am cheap in its shadow for the rest of my life.  Nowadays no one comes, either people change their ways or maybe they just go to the fruit trees.  If it weren’t for the fruit season, they wouldn’t have come.  My relationship is also the relationship of rain, sun and shadow.  Even in the rain and in the sun, my tree surrounds me like a friend and I am safe.

مشکل کی وقت میں ایک دوسری کی مدد کرناHelping each other in difficult times

جب کسی پر مشکل وقت اتا ہے.تو انکو اپنی حثیت کا پتہ چلتاہے.دوست دوست نہیں رہتااکثر اپنے بھی بیگانے بن جاتےہیں.اسلئے ایسی لوگوں کی مدد ضروری ہوجاتاہیں.کیونکہ تنکے کو سہارا چاہئےWhen someone has a difficult time, they know their status. Friends are no longer friends, they often become strangers to themselves. Therefore, the help of such people becomes necessary. Because straw needs support.